Who am I?

The Consultant, as he is by nature or Zohair Allibhoy, the name given to him, makes an unlikely hero: he is the ultimate know-it-all, has real issues with obligations, and is constantly in trouble of one kind or another. Not to mention he is both The Fantasizer and The Crowd Raiser, and is usually believed to be an alien.

He is the fantasy love-child of strategy and creativity, now neither parent admits to having him. He can turn in a moment from being interested in the largest of things to being fascinated by the smallest of things, but his excitement sometimes results in him tripping over himself and walking into situations. He enjoys anything that is different and interesting, and has a powerful sense of right and wrong and the determination to do what is right. He gets along well with youngsters. He disregards authority, has a high level of stubbornness and an inability to deal with boredom.

An extensive opposite of his direct colleagues & mentors, Zohair Allibhoy, dropped most of the dull, boring classroom style, lecture driven trainings and has a definite sense of fun. He approaches every new adventure with a childlike amount of excitement and glee. He is the most outwardly human from all of his companions and competitors which helps his participants open up and express themselves.

Specialized in the areas of Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Creativity, Idea Generation & Development, Analytical & Critical Thinking, Self Awareness, Team Building, Interpersonal skills, Intrapersonal skills & Personal grooming, Zohair recently has been developing himself in Marketing, Branding & Management, to “Make individuals and organizations better.”